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MediaFire is a free online hosting facility that enables large files to be uploaded and sent to friends even when they are not online when you are.

MediaFire has two different uploading methods, standard and basic, both of which are equally intuitive, but differing in complexity and appearance.

If you are used to using online data file hosting and storage services, then the 'basic' uploader will be very familiar. It consists of a file selector and an 'Upload' button. Once clicked, the user can view the progress of the file upload and the speed at which it is being delivered.

The 'Standard' uploader is rather more appealing to users and is set up to be operated from a MediaFire account (with the ability to manage already uploaded files). This contains a file browser, file directories, progress bar and speed indicator. Some of these features can be enjoyed without having to have an account, although the user loses them when disbaling the MediaFire 'cookie'.

Once a file has been uploaded, it can be shared by copying the link supplied by the MediaFire service, or using your own Facebook, MySpace or Delicious account, as well as other social networks.

The free service comes with unlimited space for your uploads, a 100MB maximum size per file, all without even having to register. If you create a free account, however, you can manage files previously uploaded via MediaFire. The paid Pro allows the uploading of files up to 10GB each in size, a direct link to files, no adverts getting in the way, back-up copies and advanced statistics and encoding.
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