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MediaFire is the official Android app for the online storage service of the same name, which allows users to access their account and enjoy many other benefits directly from their mobile phones.

As usual, to start using the application you will need to create a user account. Then you will have 50 GB of free storage at your disposal to use as you like. You can upload any file you want, whether they are image, video or audio.

In the same way, you will be able to access all this content directly from your account without downloading it first. You can view images or videos, listen to songs, edit text files... all without downloading a thing.

With this MediaFire application, you can also create and manage different folders to store all your information in a more comfortable way. You may also share everything via email or over the social networks.

MediaFire is a very interesting application for users of the online storage service, letting them more easily manage their documents.